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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Baltimore Employees' Retirement System

City of Baltimore Employees’ Retirement Systems

7 East Redwood Street, 12th Floor

Baltimore, Maryland 21202



Telephone:  443-984-3180

Facsimile:    410-528-1474


Principal Staff

Roselyn H. Spencer, Executive Director

Bernita Y. Kittrell, Deputy Director

Donna S. Bowen, Special Assistant

Mozella Chase, Benefits Manager

Germaine D. Hughes, Benefits Analyst Supervisor


Board Members

Joan M. Pratt, CPA, Chair

Deborah F. Moore-Carter

Dorothy L. Bryant

Thurman W. Zollicoffer

Brenda J. Clayburn

Ernest J. Glinka

Carlotta J. Oliver



Cheiron Inc.



BNY Mellon Corporation


Investment Consultant

Marquette Associates



Investment Managers

Abbott Capital Management, LLC

American Realty Advisors

Apollo Real Estate Advisors (AREA)

Attalus Capital, LLC

Batterymarch Financial Management, Inc.

Brown Capital Management, Inc.

CBRE Global Real Estate Securities, LLC

EB Large Capital Stiff

Fairview Capital Partners, Inc.

FIS Funds Management, Inc.

Atlanta Life Insurance Company Investment Advisors (ALIC)

Denali Investment

Lombardia Capital Partners

Oakbrook Investments, LLC

Profit Investment

BRC Investments

Apex Capital Management

Mastrapasqua Asset Management

Winslow Capital Management

Opus Capital Management

Fortaleza Asset Management

Thomas White

The Edgar Lomax Company

Grosvenor Institutional Partners, LP

GW Capital Inc.

Hancock Timber Resource Group

Mellon Capital Management, Corp.

Mondrian Investment Partners

Pacific Invest. Management Co., LLC (PIMCO)         

Palisades Investment Partners, LLC

Philadelphia International Advisors, LP

Rothschild Asset Management

TimesSquare Capital Management, LLC

Turner Investment Partners

Thornburg Investment Management

Thor Equities, LLC

Utendahl Capital Management, LP

Western Asset Management, Inc. ~ 888.480.8849

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